MBC & Youtube Hold Online K-Pop Auditions

Do you think you have what it takes to become the next global K-Pop star? Korean broadcasting company MBC is collaborating with Youtube in giving international hopefuls an opportunity to make their dreams come true. Those who are talented and lucky enough to pass the auditions will be given a chance to compete on MBC's television program Star Audition: The Birth of a Great Star (스타 오디션 위대한 탄생).

"Welcome to MBC Star Audition, the global hunt for the next Asian popstar, powered by YouTube

Upload your video singing any K-POP song. Based on the video views and votes for the audition videos, YouTube users will have the opportunity for 2nd audition in Korea. For the final winner, KRW 300 million is awarded and MBC, the Korea national broadcasting company, will sponsor your debut.
Apply now to become the next Korean pop star!

- Video Submission: Nov. 10 - Nov. 27
- Video selection: Nov. 28 - Dec.3
- 500 teams will be selected a combination of the number of videos views and votes. Among 500 teams, judge will select 50 teams to have 2nd audition in Korea

* You should sing K-POP songs in any language
* Video length is 100 seconds or less and your face should be shown
* No limit to the number of participants. Solo or group, it is up to you.

Start Singing!"

Source: mbcaudition@youtube


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